Important: Amazon Web Services has launched an AWS SDK for .NET ( that supports all the AWS infrastructure services, including Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront. We recommend developers migrate to the AWS SDK at their earliest convenience, as we will no longer be maintaining the ThreeSharp library.

Affirma Consulting developed this library and example code with Amazon Web Services, in an effort to simplify and empower the use of Amazon S3 in a .NET client environment. We decided together that hosting the code on CodePlex would be the best way to share the library and get community involvement on its future development.

Project Description
An advanced C# library for interfacing with the Amazon S3 system. Among its powerful features are:
- Full support for data streaming. No need to load data into memory before sending to S3.
- Data encryption.
- Thread safety and live statistics. Perform multiple simultaneous uploads and downloads and show progress in real-time.
- A powerful, unified object model that simplifies maintenance and extensions.
- Support for EU buckets.

The solution contains four projects:
- ThreeSharp. The C# library.
- ThreeSharp.Wrapper. A helper that wraps basic common procedures into single-line calls.
- ThreeSharp.ConsoleSample. A console application that demonstrates and describes the various procedures available in the ThreeSharp Library and the Wrapper.
- ThreeSharp.FormSample. A Windows Forms app that demonstrates the use of the Library in a multi-threaded, graphical environment.

(Legal Note: 3Sharp is a trademark of 3Sharp, LLC all rights reserved. Our use of "ThreeSharp" is under license and we're not endorsed by, affiliated, or associated with 3Sharp, LLC.)

Also, for a more fully-featured ThreeSharp GUI experience, and to create and manage Amazon Cloudfront distributions, please see the Manager for Amazon Cloudfront project we built with Amazon Web Services.

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